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Liquid Nutrients

Clear 18-3-6

50% SRN high purity comprehensive fertilizer. Contains 50% of its nitrogen in the slowly available form, and 50% as urea, delivering quick green-up and lasting results. 

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K 28

The ultimate choice of potassium for foliar applications. Contains Potassium Acetate, for 5 times the foliar uptake compared to traditional forms of potassium. Amino Acids are added to enhance nutrients. 

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N 28

Supplemental fertilizer containing a blend of nitrogen (slow and quick release), to provide rapid and sustained green-up with consistent color response. 

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Pro Cal

Supplemental liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen and advanced forms of foliar calcium derived from calcium acetate and calcium nitrate. Contains 10% calcium.

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One of our most popular products, Pur-Sil provides a large supplement of plant-available silica which serves to physically harden and protect the plant from stress and damage. 

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Phite-IT 0-0-26

With a unique "Triple K" technology with 3 separate sources of potassium, Phite-IT represents the most advanced phosphite product on the market today. Enhances turf's resistance to stress and disease, while increasing the metabolism. An addition of 1% Silica makes this product top-notch. 

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