Summer Surfactants + Yeti Rambler

Cool off this summer with a 30oz Yeti Rambler, free with the purchase of 4 cases of Displace-IT or Displace Res-Q! Your rambler will keep your favorite beverages cold during long hours of work on the golf course (or while relaxing on your day off at the beach!)

Displace-IT and Displace Res-Q are premium surfactants that reduce water usage and run-off, enhance pesticide applications, and improve your irrigation efficiency.


  • Improves initial wetting and supsequent re-wetting of turf

  • Ensures maximum uptake of water and reduces run-off

  • Reduces water usage 25-50%

Displace Res-Q

  • Same benefits as Displace-It

  • Added biostimulant to enhance & speed the recovery of dry, stressed turf

  • Added Sea Kelp & Fulvic Acid

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