Displace Res-Q = Free Yeti Rambler

"Res-Q & a Rambler" Promotion

Displace-It from Terra Bonne has been our reliable, go-to choice for a premium soil surfactant. But have you heard of our new Displace Res-Q? This surfactant is designed specifically for dry, stressed turf and includes a unique biostimulant compound. With added Sea Kelp and Fulvic Acid, Displace Res-Q enhances response and recovery to turf stress.

For a limited time, purchase 3 cases (15gal) of Displace Res-Q and receive a FREE 20oz Yeti Rambler! Keep your beverages cold all day, even when working in the heat on our Florida golf courses.

Displace Res-Q Label

**Ask your sales rep for more information. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of free Rambler

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