High Silica = High Performance

Pur-Sil from Terra Bonne is a high-silica premium nutrient compatible with low pH tank mixes. While silica is highly abundant in most soils, it is not in a readily plant-available form. Pur-Sil provides a large supplement of plant-available silica which serves to physically harden and protect the plant from stress and physical damage.

Why Choose Pur-Sil?

  • Reduces damage from salts and heavy metals in the soil

  • Helps prevent turfgrass disease

  • Enhances leaf blade turgidity and toughness

  • Contains a neutral pH and can be tank mixed with other products

  • Increases GREEN SPEED!

Application Rate: 1-2 quarts per acre

Contact your ITP Rep for more information!

Pur-Sil Label


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