Carbon: Stimulate Your Turf's Microbial Activity

Stimulate Your Turf's Microbial Activity

Long-term benefits of carbon

We all know what turf should look like on the surface. Vibrant color, firm greens, free of weeds and signs of disease. But what about below the turf?

And we're not just talking roots. Healthy soil is key for healthy turf, and in particular, your carbon content plays a big role. Carbon is often overlooked, although it is essential in order to achieve a balanced soil profile.

Terra Bonne's premium biostimulant, Stimulate, is a high carbon supplemental fertilizer designed to fuel the biological activity in the soil and enhance root development. The carbon in Stimulateincreases the utilization of nutrients, ensuring the plant processes important nutrients such as nitrogen.

What are some other benefits of using Stimulate?

  • Enhanced microbial activity & balanced nutrition leads to long-term health benefits

  • Added plant-derived amino acids and humic acid for enhanced uptake of nitrogen

  • Antioxidants in sea kelp reduce the impact of environmental stress

  • Carbon enhances the efficiency of fertilizers and nutrients

Ask your local sales representative for more information on balancing and enhancing your soil's microbial activity by using Stimulate, and ask about a customized nutrient program for your course.

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